4 Important Reasons that You Need to Build a Mailing List

Maybe you are thinking… why do I need to build a mailing list? Many people constantly repeat the mantra, “the money is in the list”. Yet, there is also another camp who will claim otherwise. So, what is the truth?

Well, there is a reason that experienced digital marketers continue stating this. After all, they will not risk their hard built good reputation if there is no basis to this claim. Here are the 4 important reasons that you MUST build a mailing list…

Low Upfront Conversion Rates of Ads

When was the last time you checked out a site, saw an ad, clicked it, read the sales page and also took out your bank card to purchase things? I would venture to presume that those times are rare.

Generally, advertisements do not convert well. What they do is develop some level of familiarity with people. When people keep seeing the same ad, they will come to be acquainted with it. At some point, they will click the web link to the ad and figure out what the ad is about.

Then, they read more and ultimately some will sign up with a mailing list where they can be marketed to many times. The game of numbers hold: the more times you get to present your offer before a person’s eyes, the more likely you are to make your case.

Get Your Visitors to Return To Your Website

The large majority of individuals who go to a website will never ever return. Maybe they simply did a single Google search. Perhaps someone simply referred them by means of e-mail. Whatever the instance might be, they found the web site, and may have found the info fascinating, but not fascinating enough for them to make a purchase. For whatever reason, they bounced out as well as the majority of them do not come back.

When you obtain individuals to enroll in your newsletter, you obtain a possibility to direct them back to your web site when you send a content upgrade. Perhaps you posted a new article. Maybe you’re introducing a brand-new launch. Whatever the case might be, you provide individuals an avenue to come back to your site. You wind up recovering a lot of the “dead web traffic” that you can have lost completely.

Branding Yourself as a Trustworthy Expert

When you mail them update after update, you are essentially informing your mailing list members to pay attention to you because you understand what you’re discussing. As time passes, the more emails they read, the more credible they find you. As they open even more e-mails, you get to impress them with your competence and subject matter authority.

The secret is to get your subscribers to like you enough to read. As they see that you know what you are talking about, they will gain trust in you. As you continue to be consistent in your mailing, it is just a matter of time when they trust you enough to invest in whatever that you are promoting.

But of course, this takes time because everyone is different. Some need more persuasion, while others get to a decision quickly. Whatever the scenario, you are will positioned to eventually get to a sale with a mailing list.

Use Segmentation of your Mailing List to Identify the Buyers

A buyer lead on a mailing list is worth about 10x that of a freebie-seeker lead. However, it is only possible to filter them out, only when you have a mailing list to start off with.

You can send out one-dollar offers or bite-size content which are super helpful in common problems that your subscribers face. This method helps to filter out the buyers vs the freebie-seekers on your list.

When your subscribers take up your one-dollar offer, they are indicating to you that they are serious sufficient to purchase things in the future. You may only be making a buck from this deal, but once you obtain them in your buyers’ listing, then you can send them other offers that are higher priced. Your possibilities of success are a lot higher because these people are tried and tested purchasers.


I hope that with this article you have a better idea why it is important to have a mailing list for your digital business. It is a critical step to ensure you can stay in touch with the people interested in your content.

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